about postpress

postpress is the creation of Orange-based designer Maggie Warrell. Her love of colour, pattern and texture, keen interest in unique and sustainable design and mounting stack of beautiful magazines are the heart of this unique range of hand crafted print media jewellery.

Each piece begins its life as a single page, carefully selected and plucked from between the covers of a magazine. These pages are then rolled, folded or layered to create a completely unique bead or form (a process Maggie affectionately calls ‘postpressing’…not to be confused with the publishing industry term!). Other materials Maggie loves to work with are sterling silver and various timbers. The postpress collection ranges from the small, delicate and subtle to the large, elaborate and bold.

All postpress pieces are created from post-consumer magazine paper, and packaging is hand-made from a range of magazine paper and recycled cardboard. Find out more about the story behind postpress, plus take a look inside the studio where it all happens, here.